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South West

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St Brelade


St. Brelade

St. Brelade is the second-largest parish by surface area and said to be the most beautiful of the parishes, covering 7,103 vergees (19,360 square feet ) or 3,157 acres which is 11% of the total land surface of the island and occupies the south-west corner of the Island that contains the treacherous coastline of sea around Corbière lighthouse, with its tides and currents, and the offshore rocks. The lighthouse was built in 1873 and is a popular tourist attraction, try the ice cream from the resident ice cream van always there during the tourist season, but watch out for the seagulls…..

There are several bays around this coast, the largest of which is St Brelade's Bay; the other bays include St. Aubin Bay, Ouaisne, Beauport and Portelet.

The Railway Walk is in the parish, from St Aubin to Corbière, climbing steadily up to the height of Corbière station. The Island's prison is at La Moye, on the coast, and further west along the coast is the Desalination Plant, which is used to make seawater usable, when other water reserves are unavailable.