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Havre Des Pas

St Aubin

Elizabeth Castle

First Tower

Howard Davis Park

St Helier

St. Aubin/Beaumont/First Tower & St.Helier

St Aubins Bay stretches from St Helier through First Tower, Beaumont to the harbour village of St Aubin. The beach is sandy and south facing, with safe swimming. Because the beach is so flat, the tide goes out about 300m - creating a huge expanse of beach. In parts, the sea reaches the wall at high tide, but it's only covered completely on the highest tides.  The picturesque little harbour of St Aubin, the unique Fishermen’s Chapel and the beautiful Parish Church are important features. The village (or town) of St Aubin was originally a fishing port facing St. Helier on the opposite side of St. Aubin's Bay. St Aubin was historically the main centre of population in the parish, but residential development at Les Quennevais has shifted that centre of population.

Beaumont has it’s own share of golden sands with charming walks, cycle routes and sea sports.  Visit the canon situated at the bottom of Beaumont Hill and not to be missed and memorable to everyone’s holidays are the hanging baskets decorating one of the local bars as you go through Beaumont Hill on your way from and to the airport

St. Helier is the island’s capital and one of the most popular places to stay. It is the main shopping centre on the island and is also home to numerous restaurants, pubs, bars and of course hotels. St Helier is a very pretty town and most of the hotels enjoy stunning views of the harbour or cobbled streets. St. Helier covers a surface area of 4.1 square miles being 9% of the total land area of the Island (this includes reclaimed land area of 494.  The main shopping area is mostly pedestrianised and there is also a traditional market selling food with a splattering of non food items.  Much land has been reclaimed and is called the Waterfront, housing pubs, clubs, eating places, cinema and a new sporting complex.  Overlooking the capital is Fort Regent also a sporting complex although many other functions are held there and there is a large play area for children.  Elizabeth castle is a short walk away when the tide is out but transport is available using the famous puddleducks which can travel across sand or sea.

Howard Davis Park

The park was bought by Jerseyman Thomas Benjamin Davis after it was put on the market for £25,000 in 1937. The park is named in memory of his son who died during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. It is a flower garden, playground, concert hall and sun-trap, Howard Davis Park is the one slice of quiet greenery in the Island’s traffic-filled town centre.  There is also an allied war cemetry that came about as a direct result of the sinking of a British warship, H.M.S. Charybdis, some miles to the west of Guernsey on October 3rd 1943.

Havre des Pas

Havre des Pas was developed as a Victorian seaside resort alongside traditional shipbuilding. The sea water Bathing Pool which was first developed in Victorian times still stands as a major feature of this bay. The most prominent part of the pool, the blue terrace, was added to provide a buffet and shelters and opened in 1927.  There is also a small beach protected by the wind that is covered at high tide.