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Gorey Castle

La Hougue Bie

Queens Valley

St Catherine

La Hougue Bie is a passage grave and it contains a long passage that opens out into a main chamber with three smaller side chambers giving the whole appearance a cruciform shape. Beyond the sanctuary is a further terminal cell that is formed with 3 large, flat uprights. At the equinox the sun shines right to the back of the terminal cell. The mound is crowned by two Medieval chapels.

Queens Valley

Queen’s Valley Reservoir is owned by Jersey Water and is kept open for the enjoyment of the general public. The reservoir is the newest reservoir in Jersey and was completed in 1991.  It is split into two reservoirs and the wall at the end is a rock filled embankment. The large tower near the dam wall is where all of the water is collected from. The tower has a series of inlet pipes at varying depths through which water can be collected for transfer to the water treatment works. There are several walking routes around Queen's Valley Reservoir, the full circuit is 1.9miles.

The reservoir has a natural wealth of flora and fauna and is home to many species of birds and wildlife. An arboretum has been created at the reservoir. This garden devoted to trees provides a lush and safe environment for wildlife.

Gorey Castle was built at Mont Orgueil because sea and cliffs protected the castle on three sides. Also, the granite that the castle was built on meant that it was virtually impossible to undermine. It is located overlooking the harbour of Gorey and appears  to grow 'naturally' out of the red granite headland upon which it perches.  It positively glows in the sunlight and is equally photogenic under floodlights at night. The entire Gorey Castle experience is an absolute must for all visitors to Jersey.


The Jersey Round Tower is painted in distinctive colours for navigation and looks north towards St. Catherines. The remains of a breakwater, an old granite tower and a small beach give Archirondel its character. A very popular place with families, there are various sections to this beach, with smooth pebbles for decorating sand castles, rocks to scramble on and smooth sands nearer the sea.

St. Catherines

This bay is made up of lots of small coves, which are sometimes hard to find! At the northern end of the bay is the breakwater, where there is a very popular cafe. The harbour at St. Catherine's was intended to be used by the Royal Navy during wartime, and was to be used as forward bases during a blockade of the French coast.  It is now used mainly by leisure craft as a quiet anchorage. Fishermen use the long breakwater for catching conger eels, mackerel and bass.